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An exciting feature in the Risk Module is setting the Layout by 'Primary Category'. This layout allows you to see the risks by rating: Very High, High, Medium, Low, Very Low and No Rating, into a visually categorised format of a stacked bar chart/pie chart. Mastt values assisting you streamline reporting to save time at the project, program, and portfolio level.

To view this Primary Category Chart Layout and edit the Categories on your risks, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Firstly, to navigate to the Risk Module for a selected project, select the Hamburger Menu  ( ) on the left-hand side and click the Risk tab. Then click the Layout drop-down menu, and select 'Primary Category'. This will automatically give you a visual representation of your risks in a Bar Chart and Pie Chart. (Refer to Step 4

Step 2: Select the Risk you want to apply a Risk category by selecting a Three Dots Menu ( ), then select Edit Risk.  

Step 3: A smart form will pop up on the right-hand side to edit the risk. Select a Risk Category from the Primary drop-down menu and then click Save. 

Step 4: Watch the magic happen! After pressing save, you can now see that Mastt has automatically activated your risks into a Bar and Pie Chart.

For further information on the Risk Register, visit this link below:

Risk Register