Whats New?
You can now add a Variation Category once a Variation has been added to your contract.If you are unsure on how to add a Variation to a Contract click here. 

Whether you use a Variation Category from the Mastt Template, or if you request a custome category, Variations can be easily identified. 

Why is this a valuable feature? 
You are now easily able to identify the types of variations across projects which can provide insight to a project, program, and portfolio manager. Furthermore, you are able to identify the reasons that are primarily causing the raising of variations based on the amount and total $ value impact on those variation types that you may have across projects. 

Quick Note: This is currently only available for the Portfolio Level. The Project Level is coming soon. Watch this space! 

To add a Variation Category, follow these steps below:


Step 1 - Navigating to the Variations Page: From the project Dashboard, navigate to the Variations Page for a selected project via the Cost module.

Select the Hamburger Menu  (  ) on the left-hand side and click the $ Cost module.  



Step 2 - Editing a variation: Select the variation you want to apply a variation category too by selecting a Three Dots Menu ( ), then select Edit Variation.  


Step 3 - Selecting Variation Category: When you select Edit Variation, the Variation Form will pop up. Navigate to ‘Variation category’. A drop-down menu will appear underneath stating ‘Select Variation Category’.  

Step 4 - Applying and Saving: Then select the variation category you would like to apply and click ‘Update Variation’.   


Step 5 - Viewing and Reporting: After updating your variation, this will appear on the Variations page. You can also click the ‘Category’ Tab to group all Variations based off category. This can also be Generated into a Report by simply ticking the boxes next to the variation.  


Step 6 - Dashboard Module: See the magic!

When your Variation Category has been applied, head back to the Dashboard using the  ) Hamburger Icon. Scroll down to the Finance Breakdown. On the top right, click ‘Variation Category’. 

Woo hoo! Check out that pie chart! 

Do you need to add custom categories? 

If you would like to add custom categories let us know!  

You can let us know by raising a support ticket by clicking here and the Customer Success team will add your custom variation categories to the dropdown for you. 

Removing Variation categories? 

We can also remove categories. However, we can only remove a category if it is NOT applied to any of your variations. If the specific category that you want to be removed is applied to variations, edit all variations (Step 4), and apply ‘Select Variation Categories’ from the dropdown. 

You can easily find the variation category applied to variations by sorting the variation column (Step 5).