Risk analysis and management is critical to the decision-making process for capital and infrastructure projects. For the first time, Mastt provides a decision tool and framework to assist both owners and project managers with capability to save time and create opportunities through Risk.

Mastt starts with creating a Risk, which is then followed by Causes, Consequences and Mitigations

For example: 

  • Risk of injuries onsite
  • Possibly caused by falling objects
  • The consequence of falling objects is hospitalization
  • Appropriate mitigation might be to ensure site workers wear helmets. 

You'll see Risks visualized with both cost and time impacts as concentric rings! 

Lets Create a Risk!!

Step 1: To add a Risk, click '+Add Risk' in the tool bar

Step 2: In the side modal, add a Risk name, description and categories. 

Step 3: Hit save and view your risk on the charts!

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