The Finance waterfall on the Project Dashboard is a live view of project finances fed directly with data from the Project's Cost Module. The Finance waterfall is an alternative view of the 'Overall' page in the Cost Module.

Budget - the total budget of the Project from the Cost module

Final Forecast Cost - the composition of the FFC across contract, uncommitted, risk and contingencies.

Variation to Budget - Whisker chart showing the upper variance and lower variance as we move toward range based FFC management

Paid - how much has been Approved and Paid on the project to date.

Project Contingency - All forecast's type 'Project Contingency'

Client Contingency - All forecast's type 'Client Contingency'

Risk Provisions - All forecasts type 'Risk Provisions'.

Uncommitted - All FORECAST/PENDING variations, PENDING contracts and forecasts type 'Uncommitted'

Contract - All APPROVED/IN PRINCIPLE approved Variations and Contracts