Transferring Budget or Adjusting Budgets and Sub-Budgets in Mastt can only be performed from the Budget Adjustments page and performed following these steps.

Step 1: From the Menu within a Project, click 'Budgets'.

Step 2: Once clicking Budgets, this will open a popover menu with 'Budgets' and 'Budget Adjustments' selection. Click 'Budget Adjustments' to go to the Budgets Adjustments Register.

Step 3: From the tool bar, click '+ Add Adjustment' to open the form.

Step 4:  The Budget Adjustment form will open and present fields for you to enter:

  • Adjustment Title: e.g. 'Transfer from XX to YY'

  • Transfer From: This is the budget you want to transfer funds from, with the available amount to transfer shown in brackets.

  • Amount to Transfer: This is the amount you want to transfer.

  • Transfer to: This is the receiving Budget that you are transferring the budget to.

  • Status: You can select either 'DRAFT' or 'APPROVED' status. A DRAFT status is as the name suggests, a draft that does not appear anywhere or enact any transfer. When you're ready to enact the transfer, use APPROVED status.

Click 'Add Adjustment' when you are done.

Step 5:  View the Budget Adjustment on the Overall page, the Budgets Register page and the Budget Adjustments page from Step 3.