Editing Forecasts and their Type is super easy, follow these easy steps!

Step 1: To edit a Forecast in the system, this can be done in a few ways. One way, is to go to Forecast Register and find the Forecast you'd like to Edit. Forecasts can also be found in the 'Forecast' mini tab of Budget and Contract Detailed ViewsSelect 'Edit Forecast' from the from the Three Dots Menu ( ) against the Forecast you'd like to edit. 


From the 'Overall' page, select a Three Dots Menu ( ) next to the Variation you are wanting to edit and click 'Edit Forecast'. 

Step 2: In the Edit Forecast form, you'll notice its the same as the Add Forecast form.

Step 3Once you're happy with the updates, click 'Update Forecast' in the bottom right of the form.