Deleting Contracts in Mastt requires care as there are inter-dependencies with Variations, Claims and Cash Flow. We recommend consulting with your Project's Administrator to ensure you have the access and permission to make the appropriate changes.

If you're ok to Deleting a Contract, follow these easy steps!

Step 1: From the Project Menu, click 'Contracts' to navigate to the Contracts Register.


Step 2: In the Contract's register, from the Three Dots Menu ( ) against the Contract you'd like to Delete, select 'Delete Contract'. This option to 'Delete Contract'  is also available from the Three Dots Menu ( ) in a Contract's Detail View on the 'Contract' mini-tab.

Step 3: After clicking Delete, you'll receive a popover notification based on the system's built in Business Rules, required due to the inter-dependencies with Variations, Claims and Cash Flow that occur after Contract's are created and become actively management

If you receive this notification, you can't delete the Contract and will need to first remove all Claims and Variations individually before attempting to delete the Contract again.

If you receive this notification, you can click 'Confirm' to delete the Contract. WARNING: Any cash flow associated with the Contract will also be deleted. This could be a substantial amount of cash flow data that cannot be recovered.