Editing Contracts in Mastt requires care as there are inter-dependencies with Variations, Claims and Cash Flow. We recommend consulting with your Project's Administrator to ensure you have the access and permission to make the appropriate changes. 

If you are encountering some issues with editing Contract amounts, what you are most likely experiencing is hard-validation in the system which does not let us edit the Contracts to be less than the Claimed amounts.

To enter the new amount, you will need to enter the new value in front of the existing value – like this ######3,330.00 or similar – and then delete the old numbers. 

Whichever way you want to do it, it just wont allow you to remove a number if it means it will go below what has been claimed.

Te system has this hard-coded validation to protect the integrity of the data. We are working on providing more ‘popovers’ to tell you the systems rules in real-time.

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