Creating, maintaining and administering all contracts on a Project is one of the most important tasks to ensure a successful project delivery. As a Project progresses through planning,  design, construction and handover stages, many contracts will be let to planners, design consultants, engineering consultants, builders and more. Mastt automates all key processes and procedures around contracts, which can be created using these easy steps!

Step 1: To add a contract in the system, select ‘Add Contract’ from the tool bar; or; from the 'Overall' page, select a Three Dots Menu ( ) and click 'Add Contract'. 

Step 2: The Add Contract form will open and present fields for you to enter:

  • Contract Title: E.g. Builder Contract #1234
  • Vendor: E.g. Contractor Pty Ltd
  • Type: Select either 'Direct' or 'Reimbursable'.
    • Direct: A Contract you are directly engaged in or your client is directly engaged in.
    • Reimbursable: For Defence Managing Contractor contracts or Cost Plus jobs where your clients are also approving Subcontract packages for Reimbursement.
  • Total Amount: $100,000
  • Completion Date: E.g. 01/01/2021

If the Contract has a breakdown into different milestones, stages or items click 'Add Milestone' to add rows to the Contract.

You don’t need to create Budgets before you create Contracts. If you've created some Budgets, you can nest the Contract under a budget using the 'Under budget' drop down menu.

If you need to add, important documents and make comments at the bottom of the form.

Step 3: Click 'Create Contract' in the bottom right of the form when you're done.

Step 4: To view the Contract you've created, check out the list of all Contracts on a project in the Contract Register, by clicking on ‘Contracts’ in the top menu.

Step 5View the Contract on the 'Overall' screen. For more information on the different Contract status and how they affect the overall screen, check out this article here.

Step 6Take a deep dive on the Contract you've created by visiting the Contract's Detail View.

Business Rules:

A few rules to be aware of: 

  • Contract's must be PENDING or APPROVED in order to Create Variations. If a Contract is PENDING, only a PENDING status Variation can be added.
  • Similarly, Contract's must be APPROVED in order to Create Claims.