The Overall page for a Project or Program presents all of the information needed to determine the current and project financial position of a Project or Program. A detailed overview of the columns and the data presented within is shown further down this page, however at a high level the Overall page presents:

  • Budgets and Budget Adjustments
  • Contracts and Variations, which gives us the Current Contract or Current Commitments
  • Uncommitted, like Forecasts and not yet approved Contracts and Variations
  • Final Forecast Cost, which is Current Contract + Forecast & Uncommitted columns. This also gives us the Variance, which is the under or over against the Budget
  • Claims/Payments and Balances, which tells us how much we've paid and still have to pay which a % indicator for progress.

So what types of data go into each of these columns? We've provided a high level list here of what goes where!

Budgets and Adjustments

In this section of the Overall, we have the columns:

  • Original Budget - The data that is entered when Budgets and Sub-Budgets are added/created
  • Adjustments - The amounts that are moved between Budgets and Sub-Budgets
  • Budget - The current Budget, taking into account the Adjustments that have been performed. 

Contracts and Variations

In this section of the Overall, we have the columns:

  • Contract - The data for all APPROVED status Contracts.
  • Variations The data for all APPROVED or IN-PRINCIPLE approved Variations against Contracts
  • Current Contract = Contract + Variations


In this section of the Overall, we have a single column Forecast & Uncommitted which includes:

  • Contracts - PENDING status 
  • Variations - FORECAST and PENDING status
  • Forecasts - OPEN status

Final Forecast Cost & Variance

In this section of the Overall, we have the columns:

  • Final Forecast Cost = Current Contract + Forecast & Uncommitted
  • Variance = Final Forecast Cost - Budget

Claims/Payments and Balances

In this section of the Overall, we have the columns:

  • Paid to Date  - The data for Payment Claims that are both APPROVED and PAID status. Despite the title of the column as 'Paid' to date, we currently include APPROVED status in here as a better representation of progress.
  • To Be Claim = Current Contract - Paid To date, which gives us the balance of payments still to be claimed.
  • Complete % = Paid to Date / Final Forecast Cost

Note: If the Claim Progress Bar is switched off, then the Paid to Column will only include PAID claims

How to turn on/off Claim Progress Bar: