Deleting Budgets and Sub-Budgets in Mastt can only be performed from the Budgets Register. We recommend consulting with your Project's Administrator to ensure you have the access and permission to make the appropriate changes.

Step 1: From the Menu within a Project or Program, click 'Budgets'.

Step 2: Once clicking Budgets, this will open a popover menu with 'Budgets' and 'Budget Adjustments' selection. Click 'Budgets' to go to the Budgets Register.

Step 3: Using the Three Dots Menu ( ) next to the Budget or Sub-Budget you want to Delete,  click 'Edit Budget' to open the Edit Budget form. 

Business Rules:

A few things to be aware of:

  1. You won't be able to Delete a Budget if it has Adjustments made to it. You'll need to Delete the adjustments first to release the budget of dependencies, then delete the budget.
  2. Deleting a budget won't delete everything under it. You'll get a notification like this!