Once you have created and added budgets or sub-budgets, you will be able to:

1. View Budgets on Overall

See the budgets you've created on the 'Overall' page by expanding/unraveling rows. With Budgets created, the Variance column will show you the difference between the Final Forecast Cost and the Budget.

2. View the Budget Register in Cost>Budgets

We maintain a dedicated register of Budgets in Mastt which you can access from these easy steps.

Step 1: From the Menu within a Project or Program, click 'Budgets'.

Step 2: Once clicking Budgets, this will open a popover menu with 'Budgets' and 'Budget Adjustments' selection. Click 'Budgets' to go to the Budgets Register.

3. Access Budget Detailed Views

For all Budgets and Sub-Budgets, we can access a deep dive of that item using the Detailed Views. Click on the ‘title’ of that Budget or Sub-Budget, to access a Detailed View of that item. 

Step 1: From the 'Overall’ page or Budgets Register, click on the title of the Budget..

Step 2: Navigate the Detailed View of that Budget by using the mini tabs. The mini tabs display only information relevant to the selected Budget, including Comments and Attachments.