For each Project, Program or Portfolio we've divided the system into different Modules to align with best-practice, collaboration and reporting. Currently, the following modules are available in Mastt:

  • Dashboard
  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Tasks & Actions
  • Documents
  • Audit Log

Let's explore each of these modules in more detail, accessed by the Hamburger Menu which exposes the left hand side panel.


Keeps track of Project, Program and Portfolios with automated, live interactive reports for a health (traffic lights), risk, finances, schedule, procurements, contracts and more.


From contracts to cash flow and budgets to claims, a best-practise real-time framework for all things financial management.  Gets your off spreadsheets and documents entirely with this module.


Manage key milestones in a Project's timeline with baselines, planned dates, actual dates and status control.

Tasks & Actions

Centralise and track all key tasks, actions and responsibilities on a project to get a real-time view into your teams workload.


All the important pieces in one safe place. 

Audit Log

Capture all the changes on your project for visibility and compliance.