You can access the details of your account including:

  • Personal Details
  • View your Organisation's details
  • A list of Projects that are accessible to you
  • A list of Programs that are accessible to you
  • A list of Portfolios that are accessible to you 

To access your account, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Select My Account from the drop-down menu beneath your name, where you will land on the 'My Details' tab in the Menu.

Step 2:  Once inside your account, you can navigate across My Details, My Organisation, My Projects and My Programs. Easy!

If you want to change your User Account details you can also do this on the My Details tab by:

Step 1: From the Three Dots Menu (  next to your last name and select Edit User to open a form for editing your details.

Step 2: After you’ve added the updated details, save by clicking Update User, and you're all done!